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Easy Guide to Tarot

  • Easy Guide to Tarot

    Easy Guide to Tarot

    Tarot Simplified

    Tarot is an ancient game of cards used as a tool of divination.

    Tarot decks contain 78 cards, divided into: 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The word ‘Arcana’ means ‘Secret’ in Latin. Playing with the Tarot is unveiling secrets of our past, present and future.

    How to Do a Reading:

    1. Clear the Deck.

    2. Shuffle the Deck.

    3. Choose a Spread. We recommend either the Three Card Spread, the Nine Card Spread or the Celtic Cross Spread.

    4. See how many Major Arcana cards are in the spread.
      This will show if the enquirer’s life journey is at a major turning point.

    5. See which suit is dominant: Cups, Wands, Swords or Pentacles. This will show in which area is at the forefront.

    6. Categorise the cards into: Happy, Sad, Bright, Dark.

    7. Try to get the Overall feeling of the reading:Happy, Sad.

    8. Categorize the cards into: Moving Cards and Standing Still Cards.

    9. Identify if the people in the cards are ‘Looking to the Past’ or ‘Towards the Future’.

    10. Get Impressions from the cards and use your intuition on the story they are telling.

    Most Common Spreads:

    Three Card Spread Shuffle the cards & ask the enquirer to choose three cards from a fanned deck.

        Past: Context, Present: Focus, Future: Outcome

    Nine Card Spread Shuffle the cards and ask the enquirer to choose 9 cards from a fanned deck.

        Past: Context, Present: Focus, Future: Outcome

    Celtic Cross Spread Shuffle the cards & ask the enquirer to choose 10 from a fanned deck.

        Card 1: Where you are right now

        Card 2: Potential/Challenges

        Card 3: What to focus on

        Card 4: Your past

        Card 5: Your Strengths

        Card 6: Near future

        Card 7: Suggested approach

        Card 8: What you need to know

        Card 9: Hopes and fears

        Card 10: Your potential future

    The Cards: Tarot decks contain 78 cards: 22 Major Arcana Cards, 56 Minor Arcana Cards.

    Major Arcana Cards There are 22 Major Arcana Cards. The Major Arcana cards give us an instant insight into the Major events or issues in the enquirer’s life. Therefore, the first thing to do when reading Tarot is to see how many Major Arcana Cards there are in the spread.

    The Fool: New Beginnings Take Leap of Faith

    The Magician: Wisdom & Power to do what seems impossible

    The High Priestess: Divine Guidance Supported by The Universe

    The Chariot: Victory & Triumph Positive Changes

    The Hanged Man: Stuck in a Situation Need for Patience

    The Star: Wishes Granted Healing, Restoration

    The Empress: Mother Figure, Love Prosperity, Fertility

    Strength: Divine Strength & Willpower

    Death: Significant Change The End of Something

    The Moon: End of a Difficult Time Messages through Dreams

    The Emperor: Father Figure, Discipline Person in Authority

    The Hermit: Making No Move Until Others Are Ready

    Temperance: Confidence & Strength when Making Major Decisions

    The Sun: Clarity, Enlightenment Happiness, Moving Forward

    The Hierophant: Spiritual Leader, Guidance Possibly Marriage

    Wheel of Fortune: Period of Change & Growth Abundance & Prosperity

    The Devil: Temptation Enslaving Situation

    Judgement: Great Change that affects Everyone

    The Lovers: Loving Relationships Partnerships

    Justice: Just Outcome Making Just Decisions

    The Tower: Sudden Change to Allow for Growth

    The World: Victory, Wondrous Possibilities Success, All Things are Possible


    Minor Arcana Cards There are 40 Minor Arcana Cards. These cards provide the context for the Major Arcana Cards. The Minor Arcana Cards are divided into 4 Suits: Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles. Each suit contains 10 cards, ranging from 1 (Ace) to 14; 4 of them are people’s cards: King, Queen, Knight and Page.

    Wands: The Self, Desires

    Cups: Relationships, Feelings

    Swords: Challenges, Decisions

    Pentacles: Money, Career

    Aces: Beginnings

    Two: Choices

    Three: Growth

    Four: Stability

    Five: Challenge

    Six: Harmony

    Seven: Decisions

    Eight: Reorganising

    Nine: Culmination

    Ten: Completion

    Page: Young Female

    Knight: Young Male

    Queen: Mature Woman

    King: Mature Male

    Wands: Represent the Self, Personal Goals, Inspirations & Desires.

    Ace of Wands: The Self, Beginnings, New Idea or Project Emerges, Success, Go for It

    Two of Wands: The Self, Choices, Choosing between two interests, Deciding on a New Life

    Three of Wands: The Self, Growth, Success with New Ventures, New Path, Self-employment

    Four of Wands: The Self, Stability, Celebration with family, Sharing happiness w/others

    Five of Wands: The Self, Challenge Competing ideas & plans, Opportunity to do new things

    Six of Wands: The Self, Harmony, Triumph, Leadership, Trust & Loyalty from Others

    Seven of Wands: The Self, Decisions, Ability to Overcome Obstacles, Courage to Pursue Goals

    Eight of Wands: The Self, Reorganising, Action, Movement, Group Work

    Nine of Wands: The Self, Culmination Time to Stand Firm, Stand your Ground 

    Ten of Wands: The Self – Completion Concentration of all Effort to Bring Project to Fruition

    Page of Wands: The Self, Young Female, Outgoing, Self-Motivated, Be Ready to Begin Something

    Knight of Wands: The Self, Young Male Passionate, a Fighter, Sees Challenges as Opportunities

    Queen of Wands: The Self, Mature Woman Strong willed, Loves Life

    King of Wands: The Self, Mature Male A Leader, Energetic, Accepts Responsibility

    Cups – Represent relationships, family, feelings & love

    Ace of Cups: Relationships, Beginnings Fresh Start for the Better, Physical & Spiritual Healing

    Two of Cups: Relationship, Choices Powerful Partnership Balanced & Equal

    Three of Cups: Relationships, Growth Celebration, Joy Good Time with Friends

    Four of Cups: Relationships – Stability Consider Options Carefully Don’t Rush Decisions

    Five of Cups: Relationships – Challenge Sorrow at Something Lost Letting Go of the Past

    Six of Cups: Relationship, Harmony Nostalgia, Looking Backwards, Rosy Memories

    Seven of Cups: Relationship-Decisions Fantasize on Possibilities before Taking Action

    Eight of Cups: Relationships, Reorganising Leaving Something Behind A Quest for what is Missing

    Nine of Cups: Relationships, Culmination A Wish Granted, Self-Satisfaction

    Ten of Cups: Relationships-Completion Happiness, Fulfilment Family & Community

    Page of Cups: Relationships, Young Female Trusting, Patient, Wishes Granted, Mysteries Revealed

    Knight of Cups: Relationships, Young Male Dreamy, yet Sensible Bringer of Healing

    Queen of Cups: Relationships, Mature Woman Strong, yet Caring, A Healer, A Visionary

    King of Cups: Relationships, Mature Male Strong & Powerful, especially when Partnered with a Powerful Woman

    Swords Represent Challenges, decisions, information, conflict

    Ace of Swords: Challenges, Beginnings, Strong Force, Decision made with determination

    Two of Swords: Challenges, Choices Turning Awareness Inwards before Making Decision

    Three of Swords: Challenges, Growth Emotional Distress Growth after Grieving

    Four of Swords: Challenges, Stability Retreat from Stressful Situation Time for Rest & Healing

    Five of Swords: Challenges, Challenge Something Can’t Be Overcome Accept Defeat & Walk Away

    Six of Swords: Challenge, Harmony Time to Protect Others, To Travel with Them if Necessary

    Seven of Swords: Challenge, Decisions Need for Subtle Action Need for Creative Thinking

    Eight of Swords: Challenge, Reorganising, Take Small Steps towards Seeing beyond Self-limitations

    Nine of Swords: Challenge, Culmination Facing Something Painful, Face Reality & Move Forward

    Ten of Swords: Challenge, Completion, An Extreme Situation Clears the Way for Something New

    Page of Swords: Challenge-Young Female Communicative, Ambitious Move Forward with Caution

    Knight of Swords: Challenge-Young Male Versatile, Committed Courage, Don’t Hesitate

    Queen of Swords: Challenge-Mature Woman Logical, Sharp Wisdom, Clear Vision

    King of Swords: Challenge-Mature Man with Principals, Practical, Authority, Decision-making

    Pentacles Represent money, work, career, success & health

    Ace of Pentacles: Money, Beginnings A Good Start to a Project Offers of Money or Work

    Two of Pentacles: Money, Choices Juggling various tasks, Deciding between projects

    Three of Pentacles: Money, Growth, Time to Cooperate w/Others in Work at the Highest Level

    Four of Pentacles: Money, Stability, Working towards Material Stability

    Five of Pentacles: Money, Challenge Supporting Each Other during Hard Times

    Six of Pentacles: Money, Harmony Shared Resources, Kindness

    Seven of Pentacles: Money, Decisions Hard Work that makes something grow

    Eight of Pentacles: Money – Reorganising Learning New Skills, Work, Dedication

    Nine of Pentacles: Money, Culmination Success, Achievement Financial Rewards

    Ten of Pentacles: Money, Completion Wealth, Stability, Security, Fulfilment

    Give or Accept Something of Value

    Page of Pentacles: Money, Young Female, Loyal, trustworthy, Hope, Restoration, Magic

    Knight of Pentacles: Money, Young Male Dependable, Responsible, Protective, Hard-working

    Queen of Pentacles: Money, Mature Woman Practical, Earthy, A Visionary

    King of Pentacles: Money, Mature Man Businessman, Benevolent Boss Wealth, Stability