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  • The Twelve Chakras

    The Twelve Chakras

    Everything thing we have on earth has been placed here for a purpose. The plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are here for our benefit. The mineral kingdom, with its beautiful crystals, benefit our lives with their wonderful energetic vibrations. Their vibrations interact with our energetic field, bringing healing and wellness into our lives.

    We may choose crystals according to our zodiac sign, according to the chakra fields they benefit, or simply by responding to our intuition, which helps us connect with the right ones for that specific time in our lives.

    Besides having individual properties, gemstones may also be grouped according to colours and the chakra points they represent. Therefore, we shall first have a look at our Chakra System, before looking at each individual gemstone.     

    The Chakra System

    What Is A Chakra- Chakras are ‘energy centres’ within the human body that help to regulate all its processes on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. All the chakras are interconnected and a natural energy flow travels between them.

    Importance of Keeping Our Chakras Clear- Blockages in our chakras occur commonly due to stress, bad diet, trauma and so forth. These blockages disturb our body’s natural energy flow, which can then lead to physical, emotional and spiritual disturbances.

    If the blockages in our chakras are not treated, they will eventually manifest themselves into physical illnesses, and more serious emotional and spiritual issues.

    How to Keep Our Chakras Clear- There are various methods that can be used to restore our chakras natural energy flow, which include but is not limited to: Reiki, Meditation, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy. Diet, exercise and a positive mindset also promote a healthy energy flow between our chakras. Gemstones and crystals have unique energies that can also enhance and empower certain chakra points on our body.

    How Many Chakras Are There- There are 114 Chakra points in the body, and they are located in various parts throughout the body, such as, the foot, hand, knee, elbow, groin, clavicle, navel, shoulder, ear, hips, tights, knees, calves, ankles, among others.

    However, the most important ones belong to The 7 Chakra System. These points begin at the base or spine of the body and travel up to the top of our head. They are: The Base or Root Chakra, The Sacral Chakra, The Solar Plexus Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Throat Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra, & The Crown Chakra.

    Keeping these 7 Chakras aligned and opened assist in keeping our physical body and mind in harmony and at easy, thus helping us to avoid disease.

    There is also The 12 Chakra System, which is composed of 5 Extra Chakras, located above the Crown Charka, the 7 Main Chakra Points, and the Earth Star Chakra (0 Chakra) located below the root chakra and the surface of the earth. This system is called The 12 Chakra System. In reality, there are 13 points in the 12 Chakra System, only the Earth Star Chakra is numbered as ‘0’.

    Keeping the Chakra points above the Crown Chakra aligned and opened will help us to access knowledge and abilities from our previous life times, and also access other more mystical experiences. 

    The 12 Chakra System is only recently coming to humanity’s awareness. Access to these additional chakra points used to be the dominion of the Great Masters, but as our planet is entering into a phase of greater spiritual evolution, it is now becoming available to all of us.

    The main purpose of these extended chakras is to tune us into the galactic community, breaking through from the confines of time and space, and starting to operate into other dimensions and realities.

    1. Earth Star Chakra

    Overview: This is our Earth-grounding centre. It is not within the actual physical body, but is part of the etheric body. It aligns us with the magnetic core of the earth, & connects us with Gaia.

    Colour:      Black and Gold.

    Location:  Between the balls of our feet, approximately                                     45cm. below the soles of the feet.

    Crystals:   Nuummite.

    1. Base/Root Chakra

    Overview: Feeling Grounded, Protected. The Base Chakra deals                       with our survival issues. such as achieving financial                           independence, money issues and having enough food.

    Symbol:    Red Lotus with 4 petals.

    Colours:   Red and Black

    Location: Base of Spine in tailbone area

    Body Parts Affected: Colon, Bladder, Lower Back, Legs, Feet

    Crystals:   Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Black Onyx, Ruby, Garnet.

    1. Sacral Chakra

    Overview: Connecting and accepting others & new experiences.                       Sexuality, Intimacy, Productivity, Self-confidence, Self-                     worth, Self-esteem.

    Symbol:    White lotus with a crescent moon within, and with 6                         orange petals.

    Colour:     Orange

    Location: Lower abdomen, about 5 cm. below the navel and 5 cm.                  in.

    Body Parts Affected: Reproductive Organs (Testicles, Ovaries,                                            Womb)

    Crystals:  Carnelian, Amber, Fire Quartz, Tiger Eye, Shiva Lingam.

    1. Solar Plexus Chakra

    Overview:  Confidence and control of our lives, Joy of Living,                            Decision-making.                     

    Symbol:     A yellow downward pointing triangle with ten petals.

    Colour:      Yellow

    Location:  Upper abdomen in the stomach area.

    Body Parts Affected: Pancreas, Stomach, Digestion

    Crystals:    Citrine, Pyrite, Golden Rutile, Libyan Desert Glass.

    1. Heart Chakra

    Overview:  Ability to Love, Compassion, Letting Go of the Past.

    Symbol:     Circular flower with 12 green petals. Within it we see                        two intersecting triangles, symbolising the union of the                    male and female.

    Colours:    Pink & Green

    Location:  Centre of chest just above the heart.

    Body Parts Affected: Chest, Heart, Breasts, Lungs

    Crystals:   Green Aventurine, Moldavite, Jade, Rose Qtz, Pink                           Opal. 

    1. Throat Chakra

    Overview: Communicating with Wisdom & Confidence, Self-                             Expression.

    Symbol:    Silver crescent within a white circle, with 16 light blue                       petals.

    Colour:     Blue

    Location:  Throat.

    Body Parts Affected: Throat, Tyroid, Neck

    Crystals:   Sodalite, Lapiz Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Angelite, Blue                       Topaz.

    1. Third Eye Chakra

    Overview: Psychic Ability, Psychic Vision (clairvoyance), Psychic                       Hearing (Clairaudience), Intuition, Wisdom.

    Symbol:    Lotus with two petals, signifying the end of duality

    Colour:     Purple

    Location: Forehead between the eyes (also called the Brow                              Chakra).

    Body Parts Affected: Eyes (vision), Ears (hearing)

    Crystals:  Amethyst, Fluorite, Super Seven, Agate Druzy, Matrix                        Turquoise, Tiffany Stone, Cacoxinite, Charoite. 

    1. Crown Chakra

    Overview: Spiritual connection to The Creator, the Angelic Realm,                     & Other Higher Realms.

    Symbol:     Lotus with one thousand multi-coloured petals.

    Colour:      White & Clear

    Location:  The very top of the head.

    Body Parts Affected: Head, Brain, Pineal Gland. Relates to Sleep,                                      Headaches.

    Crystals:  Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Selenite, Optical                            Calcite.             

    1. Soul Star Chakra

    Overview: Known as ‘The Seat of The Soul’, ‘The Halo Chakra’, it                     is the Energy centre of divine love. It houses the                               knowledge of all of the soul contracts we have made in                     our many incarnations. It holds all the karmic patterns                       which we have held onto and have yet to heal.                                   These are the lessons we need to learn in order for our                     soul to grow. This chakra point will open up only when                     we are a ready to face who and what they really are in                       the big scheme of eternity.

    Colour:     Ultraclear with Rainbow Sparkles touching it on and off.

    Location:  About 60cm. above the Crown Crakra.

    Crystals:   Lemurian Crystals.

    1. Spirit Chakra

    Overview: Soul Blueprint. It stores the skills and abilities learned in                   all lifetimes. It holds the key to the soul's destiny.

    Colour:     Clear with Soft Blue Green tones.

    Location:  Above the Soul Star Chakra, approx. 122 cm. above the                   head.

    Crystals:   Apophyllite.

    1. Universal Chakra

    Overview:  Divine Creativity, synchronicity of life. Here, one begins                    to manifest many of the skills they have learned in all of                    their previous lives, & start to excel at anything we                            undertake. Our masculine and feminine energies                              merge, allowing us to tap into the best that each energy                    has to offer.

    Colour:      White with golden rays.

    Location:  Above the Spirit Chakra, approx. 3 metres above the                         head.

    Crystals:   Astrophyllite.

    1. Galactic Chakra

    Overview:   Here we merge with the feminine aspect of divinity                           (Soul). That is, with the loving, nurturing & subtle                               energies of the Divine. We get glimpses of our                                   experience in other dimensions. We start developing                         our ability to travel beyond the limits of time & space,                       teleportation, bi-location, instantaneous precipitation                       of thoughts into matter, telekinesis.

    Colour:       White with Pink rays.

    Location:   Above the Universal Chakra.

    Crystals:     Pink Tourmaline.

    1. Divine Gateway Chakra

    Overview:   Connection to the masculine aspect of divinity                                   (Monad). That is, the creative, outgoing, and vibrant                         aspect of the divine. Here is the strength, power &                           ability to create change, not only in the physical                                 dimension but also in the non-physical dimensions as                       well. Here is where out of body travel skills happens:                         travelling backward or forward in time, & travelling out                       of the solar system, & any place in the universe.

    Colour:       Shimmering Gold.

    Location:   Above the Galactic Chakra

    Crystals:    Gold, Pyrite.