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White Sage - Medium (WSageM)
Casa Alhambra

White Sage - Medium (WSageM)

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White Sage is a very popular plant used for smudging. Smudging is used for the purification and cleansing of an individual a home or gemstones and crystals. The smoke has properties, which cling to negative energy and remove it from the intended object or person.

Usage: To cleanse/smudge yourself or others, fan the smoke over your body, front and back. Smudge rooms by walking around its perimeter paying attention to corners and behind doors.

Constantly fan the smudge stick as you walk. Cleanse crystals and other objects by fanning the smoke over them.

Helpful Hings: Never leave smudge sticks unattended. The easiest way to light a smudge stick is to hold the top of it over a candle flame.

Once alight, blow out the flame to allow the stick to smolder. To extinguish, place the lit end of the stick in a fireproof container of sand.

As smudge sticks emit small amounts of smoke, limit use around children, pregnancy and those with breathing problems.

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