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Casa Alhambra Crystals

Astrology - Level 1

Astrology - Level 1

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Dear friends, we have moved to 79 Vulture Street West End.

All workshops will be held from this location.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 0415422007


This course includes a free Report of your Natal Chart

Astrology is the study of the movements of the stars and planets and their influence on the people and even nations of the Earth.

Understanding Astrology assists us in predicting future events on individual people, as well as on global events.

Astrology can be a great tool for self-awareness, personal development, and empowerment. 

We will be covering the following:

What is Astrology 
Types of Astrology 
Western Astrology 
The 13th Zodiac: Ophiuchus 
What is an Astrological Chart 
The 12 Zodiac Signs 
The Zodiac Cusps 
The 12 Houses 
The Planets & the Luminaries 
The Sun Sign  
The Moon Sign 
The Planets
The 4 Angles in the Birth Chart 
 AC - The Ascendant Sign 
 DC - The Descendant Sign 
 MC - Mid Heaven 
 IC - Imum Coeli 
Finding our Dominant Element: The 4 Elements 
The 3 Modalities: Cardinal, Mutable & Fixed Signs 


Sunday 2nd June 2024  - from 10 am - 4 pm   -  $250


Instructor: Liliana
Location: Casa Alhambra Crystal Shop - 79 Vulture Street, West End, 4101, QLD
Mobile: 0415-422-007
Book in person or online:
(Afterpay & ZipPay available)

Payment will secure your place in the workshop - Limited spaces are available.



All details listed on this page are subject to change. You will be notified if any event you are booked to attend will be postponed or cancelled. In such cases, you may ask for a refund of your purchase, store credit, or to be scheduled to attend the next available class. 

Cancellations are to be made 48 hours prior to the event. Due to the limited class size, any cancellations and non-attendance within 48 hours of the event will void refunds.

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