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Casa Alhambra Crystals

Tarot Readings, Reiki & Tuition with Lily

Tarot Readings, Reiki & Tuition with Lily

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Terms and Conditions

Please Note: All services including Tarot Readings, Reiki Healings and Workshops require a 48hr cancellation notice if unable to attend. If no notice is given, then we are unable to issue a refund or store credit.


Lily offers accurate and insightful Tarot Readings.

Also, Reiki Healings, Life Coaching and Private Tuition.

Services can be combined during any session.

Come and be surprised at how much and in how many ways Lily can help you.

Get to know Lily by clicking on the link to our You Tube channels:

Casa Crystal Shop & School of Merkabah. 

Facebook: School of Merkabah
Udemy: School of Merkabah



Lily offers her services from Casa Alhambra Crystals

79 Vulture Street, West End 4101



1 hour - $85
2 hours - $165
Lily is generally available on Monday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Gift Cards available.

About Lily 

Lily is familiar with various reading and healing modalities, including Tarot Reading, Oracle Reading, Crystal Reading & Healing, Numerology, Reiki Healing, Counselling and Kabbalah.

Lily's background in social work and psychology comes in handy when offering practical advice.

Lily was born with the gift of remembering. Her memories go beyond her current lifetime. Yet, her journey of remembering is not over, and she is truly enjoying this journey of constant remembering & learning.

Lily counts it a great privilege to assist others in remembering their true origin, reclaim their power and create the life they want.  Through her deep connection with the Mother & Father Divine, the Archangels, and in particular with Archangels Metatron and Uriel, she assists others in remembering: 

          'Who they are, where they came from, & why they came here for'

Tarot Readings

Would you like to know the origin & the journey of your soul so far?

Are you a Star Seed, an Incarnated Angel?

Are you an old soul or a volunteer soul?

And what influence does any of that have in your current life?

Would you like to know about your life purpose, love life, or career?

Lily's readings are very unique and special.

Lily uses a combination of methods to accurately see your past, present and future.

Her methods include Tarot Cards, the Angelic Tarot, and other Oracle Cards, as needed.

She also uses Numerology, and her unique method of Reading Crystals.

Come and enjoy a reading that will be enlightening and life-transforming.

Reiki Healings

Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that brings the energy of the Universe to you, removing energetic blockages, balancing your chakras, strengthening your immune system, and reducing stress and anxiety. 

When you have a Reiki Healing with Lily, you get all the benefits of a Reiki treatment, plus, much more.

Lily is a registered Reiki Master with the Australian Institute of Reiki. However, Lily also incorporates other very powerful healing systems, such as, Kabbalah, Angelic Reiki, and Shamanic Healing. 

Are you finding it difficult to move forward in life? Do you keep encountering 'bad luck' in love, finances or health?

The cause of the above may be due to black magic, witchcraft, the evil eye, past karma, either from past lives or your present life.

Lily considers it a great honour to be able to help you in these, and many other areas.

Spiritual Guidance

Do you feel there is more to life than what you have, or see around you?

Would you like to better understand yourself, and others, or the reasons for the pain you have experienced during your life?

Would you like to move closer to your life purpose, increase your spirituality, and live in greater alignment with who you really are?

Would you like to transform your life and create a happier and more satisfying life?

Let Lily show you some tips to manifest the life of your dreams.

Some of the tools used may include vision boarding, tips to raise your vibration, forgiveness exercises, cancelling spiritual contracts, and correctly applying the law of attraction.

Lily will be very happy to put her background in Psychology, Social Work, and Spiritual Intuition at your service.

Private Tuition

Private tuition allows you to complete any of the courses Lily teaches during her full-day group workshops, with the convenience of going at your own pace. Up to 2 students may participate in the session, with no additional charge for the extra student. While every student learns at a different pace, we recommend that a full-day group course can be completed privately within 4 to 8 hours overall. This can be spread out whichever way suits you, in 1 or 2-hour blocks. After placing your booking, we will contact you to specify the course you would like to study.

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