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Shamanic Medicine Bag

Shamanic Medicine Bag

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Contains powerful and sacred items to aid in cleansing, smudging, healing, aligning and protecting.

Each bag contains items which you can carry with you at all times, in order to perform healings anywhere you go.


Items include:

1x Agua de Florida 35ml -  essence used by shamans as a spiritual tool for ceremonial protection, cleansing, healing, ritual feeding and flowering.  Used for emotional healing.

1x Colonia De Ruda 35ml - an esoteric and shamanic ritual essence based on natural Rue Leaves extract. It helps heal spiritual wounds and release stress.  Wards off negative energies and cleanses spaces from bad spirits.

1x Shamanic Blend 35ml - Often used in tandem with ‘Agua de Florida’ and ‘Colonia De Ruda’ in healings.  Used to sanctify the points of application where healing was performed. 

1x Palo Santo Stick - Used to cleanse and recharge people, crystals and environments. Used to get rid of negative energies.

1x Small Abalone Shell - To hold your Palo Santo after lighting it.  Also valuable when working through emotional situations, whether they be past or present. 

1x Black Kyanite - A very powerful shamanic stone.  Cuts energetic cords with toxic people and toxic situations.  Creates an energetic shield, protecting you from energy draining people.  

1x Pendulum - Promotes healing with the process of dowsing. Picks up on subtle vibrations which you can then clear and balance body, mind and spirit.

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